Tips for your SaaS vendor renewal discussions

Tips for your SaaS vendor renewal discussions

Most ITSM vendors initiate contract renewal discussions 30 to 60 days before end of term. That could be a problem because most organizations take 6 to 9 months to decide on a new ITSM solution.

What if you faced a massive price increase with two months notice? Which option would your team choose?

  • Sit down at the bargaining table with no contract leverage and accept the unacceptable price increase


  • Disrupt business with unavoidable, unacceptable, and costly downtime as the team scrambles to set up a new solution.

Don’t face this dilemma! Instead, take control over your next ITSM contract with the following steps:

How to break up with your SaaS Vendor


There are no shortcuts! Your team must spend time and efford on carefull planning and preperation is you want to switch ITSM tools.

So ensure your company is not trapped in an undesirable situation:

  • Take time to understand different licensing models.
  • Negotiate next term 12 months before current contract ends.
  • Ensure a Plan B is ready at all times
  • Plan reserve budget to run overlapping solutions.


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